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Don't be a cry
Don't be an echo
But be a VOICE

Laurence Lo Presti
Holistic vocal coach and therapist
Creator of the ReikiVox, NutriVox and HypnoVox methods
A voice for the Oceans and for Inclusion


I will soon give 2 conferences,
in collaboration with the City of Andenne:
“How to preserve and take care of your voice as you age” May 28th
“Take care of yourself through food (nutritherapy in the context of ENT area)” on June 4th

All the information in the calendar

My services


Singing lessons
Learn the basics of singing in a fun way
Vocal coaching
Prepare concerts, competitions or studio recordings

Laurence LP conférence voix.jpg

B2B voice coaching
For voice professionals, speakers, managers,...
Speaking at meetings or in public, interpersonal communication, etc.
Also in Team Building

ReikiVox by Laurence Lo Presti

Voice therapy
With ReikiVox Therapeutic Vibratory Singing and Intuitive Singing

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Health of the ENT sphere
Help with resolving physical and psychic/emotional difficulties


Custom musical and vocal composition
(films, documentaries, well-being, advertising, etc.)

Laurence Lo Presti aquatic concert 2023

Workshops for individuals and B2B, concerts, conferences and online or certifying training

My methods

ReikiVox carré.png

Voice therapy through Therapeutic Vibratory Singing and Intuitive Singing; a method based on Reiki philosophy and chakra energy

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Holistic nutritherapy for the voice and for good health of the overall ENT sphere


Use of Therapeutic Hypnosis, Sophrology and several brief therapies for vocal blockages linked to psychic/emotional aspects


"Everyone can create their own melody; the one that connects them to others and to the earth"

Laurence Lo Presti

The Albums-Therapy

Voice and Chakras

Medley Voix & ChakrasReikiVox
00:00 / 02:24


00:00 / 08:37
Laurence Lo Presti

About me

Passionate singer, songwriter, vocal coach and therapist, I have always been deeply convinced that music (and more particularly singing or the use of the voice) is a real therapy for the body and mind.

It was when I lost my voice in September 2021 following a health crash that I became interested in all the physical and psychic/emotional therapeutic aspects of the voice and became an expert in voice health and a motivational speaker.

Today I combine my passions and skills to put them at your service with ReikiVox, NutriVox and HypnoVox; original and unique methods of holistic voice therapy.

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