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Vocal therapy



This therapy is for you if:

- You don't like your voice, you don't feel comfortable with it, you find that it doesn't represent who you are

- You have suffered or suffer from great shyness, you have trouble expressing what you feel and this blocks you

- You have a disability or a speech disorder and you want to improve your voice pose and resonance, your diction,...

- You have quit smoking, you are going through or coming out of an illness that alters your voice and makes you lose control

- You are going through a difficult period or a burnout, your morale is down, you are trying to regain your motivation and you need a boost

I can help you reconcile with your VOICE!

My dad always told me "Canta che ti passa" ("Sing and it will pass"),

"Let singing be your medicine" or "Singing is life" ...

I am personally convinced of the benefits of singing on any individual.

The voice is our inner resonance;

it not only relieves anxiety, sadness and calms the mind,

but it also allows development and integration with others and the world.

The voice is our own inner instrument, fragile, fabulous and unique.

This allows us first of all to find ourselves, to anchor ourselves to the earth and find its roots.

Then let go.

For me, singing is a fun way to express yourself.

"You can create your own melody , the one that connects you to others

and to the earth ..."

Laurence Lo Presti

Fond titres.JPG
Fond titres.JPG


All my voice workshops or singing lessons for children, teens, adults include elements of sofrology, music therapy and mindfulness.

I also like to offer elements of personal development and positive coaching because they greatly contribute to

personal development in and out!

All of these are more or less pushed based on individual requests or in groups.

Public group lessons



My lessons are adapted to people with autism or with any form of speech disorder or disability:

At the Maison des Jeunes "le Hangar" in Andenne (for young people aged 14 to 26)

Every Monday from 5.30pm to 6.30pm during school periods

(for registration in September 2022, contact the MJ ).

Voice workshops



I lead individual or group sessions everywhere in Belgium and Luxembourg .

At home, in hospitals, centers for disabled people or nursing homes.

Sessions can take place online (individual only!)



Online lessons (Skype or Whatsapp):

50€/session 45min. VAT incl.

Book your online sessions on:

Lessons at the student's home or in an institute :

from 60€/h VAT incl. depending on the region and the regularity of lessons

(contact me for any price request!)

Decreasing price for group lessons at home.

Please note, due to the current Covid situation, my lessons at home and in institute are temporarily suspended.

If you are interested in it, contact me already to reserve your timeslot for the resumption!


Contact me for home-based vocal therapy

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